About Us

The idea for PocketMedi was conceived by Sriram who spent nearly 18 months coping with the life-threatening health issues of his newborn. He experienced what a confusing, frustrating and lonely experience healthcare could be. As a software developer, he knew mobile technology had the potential to offer patients the support and information they needed during this difficult time.

Sriram used his experience as a parent and a technology specialist to create a mobile application that would help other parents manage their child’s care more effectively and build close networks with family, friends, other parents and healthcare practitioners. This idea has spread to engage and empower patients to manage their health, and to connect them with their healthcare provider and healthcare system to create an integrated, personalized experience.

The team at PocketMedi Inc., spent 18 months designing and building a powerful, easy-to-use application that works on any iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Android device. PocketMedi is an agnostic platform which is designed to be adopted and branded by healthcare systems to empower patients and healthcare providers to improve the healthcare experience.